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Happy, Healthier, and Hydrated

We all know that water is the key to keeping us as happy and healthy as possible but we thought we’d dive into some of the key reasons it’s critical for our health.

Since water makes up roughly 60% of our body weight it comes as no surprise that keeping our hydration levels up is important. In order for our cells and organs to function properly we need to stay as hydrated as possible.

Five Key Reasons Why Hydration Is Critical For Our Health

1. Keeping hydrated helps fight infections. When you’re feeling a little bit under the weather it’s super important to keep your fluids up! Dehydration can also make you more prone to infection. 

By keeping a litre of jus-c near by you’ll get your boost of vitamin-c and keep yourself super hydrated for a quicker recovery.

2. Water keeps us moving! Water is essential for cushioning the joints, cushioning the nervous system, allowing us to rid waste products, and helps to regulate our body temperature by the process of sweating. To keep moving and grooving, we’ve got to keep our water levels up!

3. Water keeps our cognitive function as sharp as a tac. Without water our concentration and alertness can be significantly impaired. When we’re dehydrated it has also shown to effect our short-term memory, tracking performance, and increases tiredness and headaches even in healthy young adults.  

4. It can reduce bloat and help keep you at a healthy weight When we don’t drink enough it can sometimes mean our bodies hold on to fluids, resulting in both bloating and discomfort. Meaning drinking more will really help to get rid of any bloating! 

Hunger can also be confused with thirst! So many of us might reach for a snack instead of a drink of water. Drinking water can help be an appetite suppressant by keeping you fuller than you might think.

5. Lastly, water helps to reduce the risk of kidney infections! Water helps the kidneys remove wastes from your blood and urine. It also helps keep your blood vessels nice and open so that blood can travel freely to your kidneys, delivering essential nutrients to them! When you’re dehydrated it’s harder for these processes to take place. That’s why sipping on water throughout the day is super important.

As we can see from just five key points staying hydrated is extremely essential. However, how much water you need really depends on your day-to-day, age, climate, exercise routine, and more!

We’ve found that offering sports drinks, juices, and other drinks helps to increase water intake significantly, as many of these drinks are 85% water. Usually because of their pleasant taste encouraging people to drink more!

By having a jug of jus-c in the fridge you can keep the whole family hydrated throughout the day. Allowing everyone to reach their daily intake!