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Let’s talk sugar substitutes, starting with Sucralose

Even though sugar is inseparable from the food we eat, we know too much of it isn’t ideal for our teeth and our weight. There has been a huge shift recently moving away from sugary drinks and foods and towards sugar substitutes.

A sugar substitute or artificial sweetener is a food additive that mimics the effects and taste of sugar but has significantly less calories.

Jus-c was completely sugar-free!

We wanted to make sure that Jus-c was completely sugar-free to make sure that we can help reduce how much sugar people are consuming in their daily diet. Especially with a rise in concerns of obesity, diabetes and other health concerns we though it was extremely important to help reduce these risks in whatever way we could.  

One of the sugar substitutes we use in Jus-c is Sucralose. Sucralose is the only non-caloric sweeter made from sugar, keeping that delicious and authentic sugary flavour. We love sucralose as it’s minimally absorbed by the body and most of it is passed out of the body unchanged it also has extremely minimal health risks. When sucralose was approved many food and beverage products were reformulated to contain it. It’s a super popular artificial sweetener because of how safe it is and it’s undetectable taste.  

Not only that sucralose is safe for people with diabetes, this was one of our main concerns when formulating Jus-c. We wanted to make sure that everyone can enjoy the sweet flavour and low calorie benefits of Jus-c.

We really love the use of sugar substitutes and being able to cut down on our sugars. There have been many studies carried out to confirm the safety of artificial sweeteners, which is why we felt more than confident when using sucralose! We wanted to make sure that we’re providing our customers with the best quality sweeter and best quality flavour.