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The reinvention and re-introduction of powdered drinks

We wanted to bring back powdered drinks with a bang! We’ve missed an ice-cold jug of cordial waiting for us when we got home from school, but we definitely didn’t miss the nasties that came with it.

Our CEO was dedicated to making a formula that was sugar-free, low calorie, and guilt-free! Especially with two younger children he wanted something that would help keep their immunity boosted and keep them hydrated all day long.

With that in mind he went on a journey

to perfect the perfect formula for all kiwi kids and families to enjoy. He wanted to make sure it was that nostalgic flavour without the sugar that came with it! Not only did he make sure it was entirely sugar-free he focused on making the formula safe for all dietary needs, full of vitamin-c, and a more concentrated formula for less waste.

By merging science and simplicity we’ve re-invented a kiwi classic! We can’t wait for you all to try it and enjoy the guilt-free benefits of jus-c.