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The Vitamin-c glow!

Since we’ve previously touched on why we love vitamin-c so much. We thought that we’d dive into what we call the vitamin-c glow.

We all know that vitamin-c is an amazing antioxidant and immunity booster, but we also love it’s skin health benefits. Vitamin-c is essential for the promotion of collagen in our skin which can help with skin elasticity, facial wrinkling, roughness and colour. Giving our skin a youthful and healthy glow!

Giving our skin a youthful and healthy glow!

A study was conducted where healthy individuals aged between 40 and 65, all with visible signs of skin ageing followed a 90-day supplement period. The results showed a significant improvement in their skins appearance from dark spots, wrinkles, and more.

Vitamin-c is not only amazing for our immune system but it also helps with everyone's skin health! Promoting collagen and keeping our skin super plump no matter whether we’re young or old.

There have also been many studies which show that increasing our intake of fruit and veg helps to promote amazing skin health. With Jus-c we’ve put all that goodness into one sachet, we know that It can be hard to keep up the five-a-day.

So Jus-c helps you get the rejuvenated vitamin-c glow even if you’re on the go. Giving you the extra antioxidant boost for your skin health.